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29 de marzo de 2022

An integrative re‐evaluation of Typhlatya shrimp within the karst aquifer of the Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico

Lauren Ballou - David Brankovits - Efraín M. Chávez‐Solís - José M. Chávez Díaz - Brett C. Gonzalez - Shari Rohret - Alexa Salinas - Arielle Liu - Nuno Simões - Fernando Álvarez - Maria Pia Miglietta - Thomas M. Iliffe - Elizabeth Borda

This study demonstrates the need for integrative/interdisciplinary approaches when conducting biodiversity assessments in complex and poorly studied aquifers. This first integrative evaluation (i.e., molecular, morphological, broad geographic and type locality sampling, and environmental data) of Yucatán Typhlatya reveals considerable species identity conflict in prior phylogenetic assessments, broad species ranges, syntopy within cave systems, and five genetic lineages.

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