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18 de febrero de 2019

First record of subterranean freshwater gastropods (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Cochliopidae) from the cenotes of Yucatán state

Jozef Grego - Dorottya Angyal - Luis Arturo Liévano Beltrán

The biospeleological investigations of several cenotes in the eastern region of Yucatán state, Mexico, dur-

ing January 2018 yielded, among other invertebrates, two new truncatelloid gastropod species described here in as Mexicenotica xochii gen. n. et sp. n. and Pyrgophorus thompsoni sp. n. Both species represent the first record of stygobiont gastropod species from the cenotes of Yucatán indicating the high biodiversity potential of the studied area.

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