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Nancy Fabiola Mercado Salas

Kuratorin Crustacea/Curator Crustacea


  • Systematics and phylogeny of Copepoda (Crustacea), with emphasis on the Order Cyclopoida.

  • Diversity of Copepoda in extreme environments: phytotelmata, anchialine systems, deep-sea meiobenthos and bathypelagic environments.

  • Barcoding and metabarcoding of zooplankton as a rapid assessment and monitoring tool to evaluate changes of biodiversity due to human activities.

  • Barcoding and metabarcoding of deep-sea meiofauna as a rapid assessment and monitoring tool to evaluate mining impacts on biodiversity.

  • Deep-sea population connectivity, with emphasis on epibenthic Copepoda.

  • Colonisation processes of phytothelmata and anchialine cave species.

  • Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope and µCT data as imaging tools to accelerate and/or complement the process of species descriptions.




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